Interpersonal Meditation 


Miles facilitates groups from two to fifty in a network of practices under the umbrella of "interpersonal meditation." These practices help people to bring meditation skills into dialogue and connection and are designed to foster emotional Intelligence, emotional granularity, psychological safety, compassion, mindfulness,  self-awareness, and self-regulation. These skills are useful both for resolving conflict and elevating performance and can radically enhance the culture of organizations. 

Classical Meditation  

Meditation is gaining popularity as a way to boost attention, well-being, productivity, and meaning and as a way to combat depression and anxiety. Sticking with proven methods, Miles teaches classical meditation techniques that have track records dating back thousands of years. 

Whether you are looking for 1-1 coaching or group facilitation for your company, non-profit, or family, Miles works with each client to figure out a unique program that is appropriate for the complexity of your life and your situation. To learn more about the various coaching, teaching, and consulting options get in touch by clicking  below.